Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry has developed a great deal nowadays as the patient’s aesthetic demands increase. At Dental Group the experience of our dentists and the multidisciplinary approach achieved between dentists of different specialties can satisfy even the most demanding patient.
Teeth whitening
Today, teeth whitening is the most common aesthetic intervention to someone’s teeth and smile. It is a simple process with low cost and ensures an impressive result immediately.

If your teeth have become yellow over time due to smoking or other coloring food matter you can get your teeth whitened and recover their shine. With the procedure your teeth can rapidly become even ten shades whiter with safety.

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A dental veneer is a thin peel of porcelain or composite resin which is welded on the front tooth surface. With dental veneers tooth imperfections regarding its shape, size and color can be restored. These changes will give you a perfect smile!
All-ceramic crowns
All-ceramic crowns are made of aesthetic materials, such as porcelain and zirconia without having an internal metal support. Hence, the light is diffused inside the tooth, accomplishing an exceptionally natural and aesthetic result.
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Many times, empty spaces are formed between the teeth (black triangles), which apart from the severe aesthetic problem they create, they help food to get trapped. With bonding the side surfaces of the teeth are reshaped giving, with the most conservative way, an exceptional aesthetic result.
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With periodontal plastic surgery many aesthetic problems, such as gummy smile, asymmetry of the gum margins around the teeth, gum recession (exposed roots) etc., can be restored. Thus, aesthetic problems that the patients consider unsolvable can actually be restored almost without pain, giving new possibilities in the aesthetics of a smile.
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Cosmetic orthodontics
With the help of orthodontics severe functional and aesthetic problems related to the position of the teeth or the development of the jaws, can be treated. But many adults are reluctant to the idea of wearing the classic metal braces. Nowadays, luckily for them, there are many cosmetic options as the porcelain (white) braces, the invisible lingual (incognito) braces or the transparent retainers (Invisalign) that make orthodontic treatment practically invisible.
Botox-Hyaluronic acid
Nowadays, Botox and hyaluronic acid have many applications in dentistry. For example, since botox prevents the contractions of the muscles, it is used in the treatment of some temporomandibular joint or bruxism problems that originate from the intense contraction convulsion of the masseter muscles. Also, botox and hyaluronic acid may play a complementary role in oral aesthetics and face aesthetics in general, when lip support by the teeth is insufficient. At Dental Group well trained specialized dentists and doctors can offer you, safely, all the benefits of botox and hyaluronic acid!
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