With the help of orthodontics severe functional and aesthetic dental problems of children, teenagers and adults can be treated. With special orthodontic appliances it is possible to guide the correct development of the jaws and move teeth to the right position in the dental arch in order to provide the patient with an aesthetically pleasing and healthy smile.
Modern orthodontics
Modern orthodontics offers also exceptional options to adult patients. Apart from the classic metal braces there are many cosmetic options, such as the porcelain (white) braces, the invisible lingual (incognito) braces or the transparent retainer (Invisalign) that make orthodontic treatment practically invisible.

“Metal” and “lingual” braces

Orthodontics for kids
Some kids may need to start orthodontic treatment as early as at the age of 6-9. At this age skeletal problems may be resolved as orthodontic treatment may guide the proper development of the jaws. Most of the times braces are not necessary at this age.
Orthodontics for teenagers
Most of the patients having orthodontic treatment are teenagers. The orthodontist can take advantage of the high rate of growth and move the teeth in a better position giving a more functional bite and a healthy and amazing smile.
Orthodontics for adults
It’s never too late to have orthodontics. Nowadays more and more adults chose to start orthodontic treatment. With the new materials and technologies orthodontic therapy can be performed in the most aesthetic way.
Orthodontics without braces
For many adults, the poor aesthetics of the braces is a major obstacle to start orthodontic treatment. However, nowadays the orthodontists can move the teeth without braces!
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