Dental implants & Bone grafts

Dental implants & Bone grafts
Dental implants are a safe and reliable solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Bone grafts can help restore osseous defects and therefore offer the possibility of implant placement in areas that this would be otherwise impossible.
Dental implants
Using dental implants is the only way to construct crowns or bridges without grinding down the adjacent teeth. Furthermore, dental implants are an ideal solution to increase the retention of dentures when their stability cannot be assured in another way. Thus, dental implants can offer the aesthetics and confidence that are lost with the loss of teeth. At Dental Group dental implants are an investment that is worth your money.
Bone grafts
Sometimes implant placement is impossible because of bone resorption. In most cases though, reconstruction of the destroyed bone with bone grafts can be performed in order to create better conditions for the correct placement of the implants.
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