Oral hygiene & Preventive dentistry

Oral hygiene & Preventive dentistry
At Dental Group we believe that prevention is better that treatment. Therefore, we are committed in providing high quality services in oral hygiene and customized prevention programs.
Oral hygiene

At Dental Group we place significant emphasis on oral hygiene. The education of patients on oral hygiene practices takes place in specially formed spaces. Every patient according to his/her needs gets informed for the means of oral hygiene he/she has to use, while a presentation and training on the proper application and use of these means is conducted.

Preventive dentistry
At Dental Group, it is our belief that prevention is always better that the cure and we are committed in providing high standard of prevention services. Through the personalized prevention programs and regular check-ups, future complex and costly dental treatments are reduced, while the health of the teeth remains on a high level. Prevention programs, depending on the case, may contain:

  • Scaling (teeth cleaning)
  • Fluoride therapy of teeth
  • Preventive dental fillings (sealants)
  • Recall visits

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