Digital Radiographs

Digital Radiographs
Dental radiographs are special representations of the hard oral tissues (teeth and bones of the jaw) and are an integral part of the diagnosis process and the dental treatment planning. Their role is diagnostic since they allow the dentist to receive information about the anatomy of the roots, the jaw bone, and the quality of the restorations and of the endodontic treatments (root canals).
Digital Radiographs
Radiographs are necessary for the correct diagnosis and treatment. At Dental Group the dental offices are equipped with high tech digital X-ray machines, that provide the option of setting different levels of radiation exposure according to the body type and the age of the patient. In this way, the exposure to radiation is the smallest possible. For further protection patients wear special collars and an apron made from lead that protect the other parts of the body from radiation.

The radiographs that patients can take at Dental Group cover all dental needs, even orthodontic treatment and implant therapy:

  • Intraoral periapical radiographs (small, for a few teeth)
  • Panoramic radiographs (all the teeth and the jaws)
  • Cephalometric radiographs
  • Cone beam computed tomography (for implant placement)

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