Agia Paraskevi, Athens

Our dental clinic started operating in 2004 and today is a member of Dental Group, a network of dental clinics in Greece. It is a diagnostic and therapeutic Unit, which offers high quality services in all fields of dentistry through the well trained specialists and the state of the art equipment. Our desire is to give us the opportunity to offer you our high end services in a pleasant, safe and friendly environment. We will strive to help you improve your oral health and obtain the smile you always desired.
Our clinic
Our clinic is designed in a way to inspire the sense of safety, tranquility, and hygiene, as it should be in the sensitive area of health. In general, the whole clinic harmoniously combines aesthetics with functionality and ergonomics, while care has been given so that there is access to people with disabilities.
Each patient is unique to us and his/her treatment plan is fully customized and adjusted to his/her dental needs and personal desires. This, in combination with the multidisciplinary approach from the specialized dentists and the state of the art equipment lead to exceptional therapeutic results.
Our dental center is constantly investing in innovation and technology , and is proud to be one of the most well-equipped dental clinics in Greece! With the new technologies, treatments are performed with greater safety, comfort, accuracy and speed.
We invest in innovation and technology
1. Impressions are taken digitally with an intraoral scanner.
With the help of digital intraoral scanning taking an impression becomes more comfortable, fast, clean and accurate. An exact copy of the mouth is digitally stored on the computer.
2. Periodontal therapy and aesthetic interventions at the gums are realized with the help of oral laser.

Moreover, tooth sensitivity is treated more successfully with oral lase .

With the use of oral laser treatments are performed fast, without pain and hemorrhage. Gingivectomies, frenectomies, treatment of periodontitis and of root sensitivity, are some of the every-day uses of oral laser.
3. Implants are placed with more accuracy guided by stents that are designed with a special software.
With guided implant surgery implants are placed with more precision and safety in a predetermined restorative-driven position.
4. Sinus lift is performed with piezotomes.
Piezotome technology allows sinus lift to be performed with more safety and minimizes the chance for complications.
5. All x-rays are digital.

We cover all types of dental x-rays even CBCT scans for dental implants.

Our clinic is equipped with state of the art digital x-ray machines that minimize the exposure to radiation and maximize the image quality. All x-rays are taken in a specially designed room that offers protection from radiation to patients and stuff. Our clinic is one of the few in Greece that covers all types of dental x-rays, even CBCT scans for dental implants.
6. Orthodontic treatment can be invisible through the Invisalign® system.
With the Invisalign® system patients don’t need to ware braces to have orthodontic treatment and gain the smile they always desired. Besides Invisalign® there are also several other systems that offer discrete orthodontic movement of the teeth, such as lingual or ceramic braces.
7. In-office teeth whitening is performed with the Zoom® lamp.
With the Zoom® lamp teeth whitening is completed in one appointment! Hence, patients gain a bright smile fast and with safety.
8. Diagnosis is facilitated with the use of an intraoral camera and loops.
With the intraoral camera and loops the dentist can see more details and hence make a better diagnosis. Moreover, with the intraoral camera the patient has the opportunity to see live his teeth and understand his dental problems.
9. Digital computerization and archiving.
All computerization and archiving is digital and allows the best organization of our clinic.
10. Ultrasonic scalers.
Periodontal therapy is performed, in part, with the use of ultrasonic scalars which are faster and very efficient.
Our Dental Center is located on the main shopping street of Agia Paraskevi, 44-46 Agiou Ioannou str. and is easily accessible by bus (line B5, stop 11 or just outside the dental clinic) and Metro (Nomismatokopio station or Agia Paraskevi station – distance 800m). There is also a private Parking nearby. The dental clinic is also accessible to people with kinetic disabilities.
Address: 44-46 Ag. Ioannou str., Ag. Paraskevi, Athens
PC: 153 42
Tel.: (+30) 210 6002515
Working Hours
Mon-Fri: 12:00-20:00
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