Safety and sterilization policy

Our Dental Clinic takes with great seriousness and professionalism the issue of safety and sterilization and in general the protection against the transmission of infectious diseases. We follow, meticulously, all instructions to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 as proposed by the Attica Dental Association (

In addition, and independently of Covid-19, for our own safety and that of our patients:

  • We use disposable masks, goggles and single use gloves.
  • The dental chairs, machines and workbenches are thoroughly disinfected with strong antiseptics in-between patients.
  • All buttons of the dental chair and the suction, apart from the disinfection, are also covered with a single use transparent film before each use.
  • All instruments are sterilized in an autoclave prior to use and are stored in special single use envelopes for better protection.


The entire sterilization procedure is performed according to international standards. In our Dental Clinic you can feel completely safe. All staff are trained in these sterilization procedures and are aware of its importance.