Dental treatment under sedation

Dental treatment under sedation
Dental treatment under sedation
In an effort to improve the provided dental services, Dental Group now enables dental treatment under conscious sedation.

Conscious sedation is not general anesthesia. During dental treatment the patient receives special medication, so that he is not fully conscious and does not feel pain. At the end of the dental procedure the patient returns home without the need of hospitalization. In general, conscious sedation is safe and widely applied in the dental field abroad.

These treatments are provided for the patients of Volos at the General Clinic ANASSA, while for the patients of Athens at the Dental Center of Ag. Paraskevi. In both cases, sedation is performed and supervised be an anesthesiologist.

Patients who may receive this treatment include:

  • Phobic patients
  • Children with difficulties to cooperate with the dentist
  • Disabled patients
  • Patients with a strong vomiting reflex
  • Patients with kinetic or mental problems
  • Patients undergoing complex dental surgeries (extraction of impacted teeth, implants, bone grafts, etc)
  • Patients under complex medication

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