Dental Group
Dental Group is a network of dental clinics in Athens and Volos. The collaborating dentists embrace the same dental philosophy and follow common dental practices, that guarantee the quality of the provided dental services.
Our mission


Excellence in the provision of dental care


Credibility in our work


Respect towards the dignity and the choices of patients


Protection of confidentiality information of patients


Painless and quality dental care, respecting the patient’s time and money


Establishment of mutual trust with patients


Continuous education of collaborating dentists, targeting in the reinforcement of their scientific knowledge and skills


Cooperation with other members of Dental Group and the dental community in general in the benefit of the patients


Information and education of patients on dental issues

Our philosophy
The philosophy guiding our work in Dental Group focuses on the following axes:

Personalized dental care

Our dental practice is based on the design and implementation of a personalized treatment plan, which is a result of an in-depth oral and dental evaluation. Our aim is to improve oral function and aesthetics. Every patient is unique to us and the treatment plan is customized and adjusted to his/her individual goals and personal needs, thus reassuring, the best possible result.

Excellence at all levels

Excellence is the objective in all dental protocols we implement at Dental Group. We integrate and utilize all modern and innovative techniques and also new technologies and materials, that have been internationally proved to contribute to an excellent therapeutic result. We strive for high standard dental services for our patients in all aspects of dental care. At the same time, through continuous education, we seek development of our skills and excellence our dental work.


At Dental Group, it is our belief that prevention is always better that the cure and we are committed in providing high standard prevention programs to our patients. Regular dental check-ups and oral hygiene education play an integral part in all prevention programs.

Holistic management of oral health

Our philosophy gives emphasis in establishing and maintaining oral health as a whole and not merely on treating individual dental problems. Thus, we focus on prevention, multidisciplinary treatment and maintenance of the therapeutic result. We also encourage our patients to benefit from the endless possibilities of cosmetic dentistry, in order to gain a healthy and attractive smile and at the same time reinforce their confidence and self-esteem.

Patient education

An integral part of our philosophy is to inform and educate our patients on dental issues. It is our belief that a well-informed patient can further contribute to a better treatment result. No therapeutic process is adequately efficient without the active participation of the patient.
At Dental Group patients are educated directly by their dentist. However, a wealth of educational material (texts, images, sketches and videos) can also be found in our website at the section of DentalPedia.

Strict application of safety rules

At Dental Group we take with great seriousness and professionalism the issue of safety and sterilization and in general the protection against the transmission of infectious diseases. In our Dental Clinics you can feel completely safe. All staff are trained in sterilization procedures and are aware of its importance.