Oral and Maxillofacial surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery
Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the field of dentistry that is involved with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral chronic diseases, trauma and dismorphies.
When a tooth has lost the largest part of its support or has been destroyed extensively to a degree that it cannot be restored, then the dentist may decide that tooth extraction is the best treatment option. Extractions are performed using special instruments and under local anesthesia. The ease of the extraction depends usually on the morphology and the number of the roots of the tooth.
Surgical extraction
When the tooth that has to be extracted is severely destroyed or impacted, then the dentist proceeds with the surgical extraction of the tooth. This procedure facilitates the dentist to gain better access to the tooth. Teeth that are usually extracted surgically are the impacted or semi-impacted wisdom teeth.
Exposure of impacted teeth
Some permanent teeth do not erupt in the mouth and remain impacted. These teeth may cause aesthetic and functional problems since they are responsible for the “empty spaces” and the incomplete occlusion. The oral surgeon can expose the impacted tooth and, with the help of orthodontics, guide it to the correct place in the mouth.
In some patients the frenulum of the upper lip is enlarged or placed “too high” causing functional and aesthetic problems. With the process of frenectomy the frenulum can be removed. Frenectomy is a simple procedure that occurs after local anesthesia and without intense post-surgery discomfort treating completely the problem of the frenulum. The use of laser minimizes even more the discomfort and bleeding.
The oral cavity is an area where many benign and malignant formations may appear. In most of the cases, with local anesthesia, it is possible to take a biopsy and sent it to a pathologist for diagnosis. The timely diagnosis is always very important for the effective treatment of these pathologies.
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