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We feel honored that you are our patients and we are committed to providing you with high standard personalized dental care. You can help us keep our standards of services high, if you send us your comments and proposals as regards the provided services of Dental Group, by filling up the form below:

1. In which dental surgery you were served?"

3. Are you happy with way the dentists of the network inform you about your treatment options?

5. Is the behavior of employees professional?

7. Is there a section that could be improved according to your opinion?

9. Other Comments

2. Are you happy with the schedule of appointments and their flow?

4. Are you happy with the interaction between you and the dentists of the network and the answers you get to your questions?

6. Are you satisfied with the hygience of the dental surgery?

8. Would you suggest to a family member or friend to get his/her dental care at Dental Group?;