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Dental Group’s Patient Card

The Dental Group network innovates in the dental field and provides original services as is the Patient’s Card.

The Patient’s Card is provided free of charge in every patient of our dental surgeries.

Access in your medical and dental history

In case you visit another dentist of our network you can automatically, with your consent, give the dentist access to your medical and dental history. Thus, the dentist can effortlessly know which procedures have been completed, what is your treatment plan, while having at his/her disposal all your radiographs. In this way, it won’t be needed to find yourself in the difficult position of not recalling when you had a dental bridge or a radiograph.



Dental Group rewards you!

In order for us to reward you for your trust you show us with taking charge of your oral health, in every treatment you win Dental-bonus. These points are in lined to money that can be spent on your future treatments or for the purchase of a SmileCard that you can gift to a loved one.

Whenever you visit a dental surgery of our network give us your patient’s card in order for your computerized file to be updated and win Dental-bonus!

Access to offers!

Type the code of the card and find out about the offers we have for you as well as about the actions of promotion that are organized and promoted by our network.

Patient’s Card provides you with benefits and services.