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Our philosophy

The philosophy guiding our work in Dental Group focuses on the following axes:

Personalized dental care

Our dental practice in Dental Group is based on the design and the implementation of a personalized dental treatment plan, which is a result of an in-depth evaluation of the dental and oral condition of our patients.

Our aim is the proper oral function and the performance of an exceptional therapeutic effect. Every patient is unique to us and the treatment plan is solely personalized and adjusted to his/her individual goals and personal needs, thus reassuring, the best possible results.

Overall treatment of oral health

Our philosophy is based on a treatment model that lays weight on the overall oral health of a patient, taking into consideration the overall well-being of the patient and does not concentrate only on the cure of a stand-alone dental problem.

Thus, we place significant emphasis on the prevention, the appropriate restoration of dental problems and the maintenance of the therapeutic effect in the long term. This is achieved through the cooperation of dentists of all specialties within the network.

We also encourage our patients to benefit from the modern achievements of cosmetic dentistry, in order for them to gain a healthy and attractive smile and at the same time reinforce their confidence and self-respect.

Excellence in all levels

Excellence is the objective in all dental protocols we implement and follow in Dental Group. We integrate and utilize all the modern and innovative techniques and also new technologies and materials, that have been internationally proved to contribute to an excellent therapeutic result. We aim at high standard dental services for our patients in the sections of prevention, treatment and cosmetic dentistry.

At the same time, we seek the excellence in the performance of the dentists of our network through the continuous scientific education and updating of their skills.

Patient education

An integral part of our mission is the continuous and systematic information of our patients on dental issues. It is our belief that a well-informed patient can help to the achievement of a better treatment result. No therapeutic process is adequately efficient without the active participation of the patient.

The informational and educational process is conducted through the communication of patients with the dentists of the network on their first meeting and also during their treatment sessions.

Furthermore, patients can get extensive information by the wealth of educational material (texts, images, sketches and videos) found on the website and blog of Dental Group.


In Dental Group, it is our belief that prevention is always better that the cure and we are committed in providing high standard prevention and information services on issues that concern the oral and as well as the general health of our patients.

Our focus is on the correct diagnosis and the regular dental check-up. At the same time, we give significant attention to oral hygiene by providing our patients with useful information about the importance of complying with the guidelines of oral hygiene rules and the maintenance of the therapeutic effect.

Faithful application of safety rules

In Dental Group we confront with great seriousness and professionalism the issue of sterilization, hygience and the protection from infectious diseases. We regard the control of the transmission of infectious diseases in the dental surgery a vital importance factor for the health assurance of patients, of our staff and of public health in general.