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Address: Ag.Ioannis 44-46, Ag. Paraskevi
Postal Code: 15342 City: Athens
Phone Number: +30 210 6002515

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Who are we

Welcome to the website of our dental clinic! We hope that your navigation will help you to find useful information on dental issues that concern you and get to know the options we can offer you as experienced and specialized dentists.

Our dental clinic started its operation in 2004 and today it is part of the dental clinics that constitute the Dental Group network. It is a modern Diagnostic and Treatment Unit, that offers high quality services in different sections of dental practices.

It is our wish you give us the chance to offer you our high standard services in a pleasant, safe and friendly environment. We will be happy to reach up to your expectations and help you improve your oral health and acquire the smile you always wanted.

Dedicated to the service of our patients

Our dental clinic started its operation in 2004 providing the specialty of Orthodontics for children and adults by the Orthodontist Spyros A. Bobetsis. Later on, the activities of the clinic expanded with the addition of the specialization of Periodontology – Implantology by the Periodontist-Implantologist Yiorgos A. Bobetsis.

Over the years, we realized that our patients desired to offer them even more dental services. For this reason, we decided to expand our activities and integrate more specializations. Thus, today, with the cooperation of other specialized dentists and general dentists we offer high quality dental services covering the entire dental spectrum (Cosmetic dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Implants, Prosthodontics, Pediatric dentistry etc.)

The scientific knowledge of our specialized dentists and their clinical experience in Greece and in the United States of America, as well as the use of modern technologies and practices guarantee the best treatment of every case and the excellent medical and aesthetic result that satisfies our patients’ wishes.

Nowadays, our dental center is a member of the Dental Group network. Through the collaboration with a continuously expanding network of dentists and dental clinics the optimization of therapeutic treatment is reached as well as and the possibility of providing affordable treatments in the benefit of our patients.

Aesthetics- Functionality- Ergonomy

Our dental clinic was designed in such a way so as to inspire patients with feelings of safety, tranquility and hygience, as a venue of health services is bound to inspire. The venues of the clinic combine harmonically aesthetics with functionality and ergonomy, while regard has been given for the easy access of disabled people.

We are expecting you so we can offer you our high standard services, in a bright, comfortable and modern venue that predisposes and creates positive and pleasant feelings.

We feel sure that you will feel comfortable and relaxed and you will discard possible fears regarding the dental practices.

It is our major concern to be constantly informed about everything new in the field of dental services whether it is about techniques and procedures, or devices and equipment, or materials. Thus, our dental clinic is equipped with equipment and devices of the last generation with which we achieve the best possible result combined with intense comfort and safety. Specifically, our surgery has the following:

  • Total computerization to a better organization of the clinic
  • Piezotome for the safe sinus lift
  • Implant motor for the surgical placement of implants
  • Zoom” lamp for safe and fast teeth whitening in the clinic
  • Ultrasonic scalers for the professional scaling of teeth. With this system the fast and effective removal of plaque and tartar piled on teeth is achieved
  • Intra oral camera that projects images of the interior of the mouth on the computer screen placed next to the dental chair. This allows the dentist and the patient to watch simultaneously in high resolution the condition of the mouth and seek treatment options.
  • Panoramic and skull projection x-ray machine for taking panoramic and skull projection radiographs that are necessary for the correct diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Intraoral periapical X-ray machine for the best representation of localized defects.
  • High tech autoclave moist heat sterilizer for maximum sterilization of dental instruments.
  • Dry heat sterilizer for the sterilization of instruments that are resistant to high temperatures
  • Ultrasonic cleaning tank for the best cleaning of instruments before sterilization

Laboratory equipment for the fabrication of study casts

Our dental clinic deals with great strictness and professionalism the issue of sterilization and the protection from infectious diseases in general. We regard the control of the transmission of infectious diseases in the dental clinic a vital importance factor for the health assurance of patients, of our staff and of public health in general. For this reasons, we apply a combination of measures to prevent their transmission. It is our belief that all procedures have to be safe and not cause anxiety to patients. Specifically:

  • For every patient we use disposable masks, protective glasses and gloves.
  • The dental seat, the equipment and the workbenches are sterilized thoroughly with powerful sterilization solutions before they are used to a patient.
  • The screen, the suctions and other parts of the seat apart form their sterilization process are covered with a transparent seal before every use.
  • All instruments before they are used to a patient, are sterilized into a moist heat sterilizer that is under pressure (autoclave), which is the most easy to use and effective method of sterilization. Moist heat was approved by CEN (European Committee for Standarization) and European Standard EN 13060 on 16-4-2004. In the meanwhile, we also use the dry heat sterilizer, especially for tools resistant to high temperatures.
  • For the most effective sterilization all instruments are cleaned in an ultrasonic tank before they are put in the sterilizers.
  • The sterilized instruments are protected in special bags for their more effective protection.

The whole process of sterilization takes place according to the international standards of sterilization. In our dental clinic you can feel completely safe. All the instruments and materials that will be used during your appointment will be completely sterilized. You should be assured that our staff is qualified on the sterilization process and sensitized towards its importance.

Diagnosis is an integral part of the dental process as the effective treatment depends on the accurate and fast diagnosis. For the right diagnosis, we emphasize on the medical and dental history of the patient while we examine the internal and external parts of the mouth, the occlusion of the teeth and the jaws and check for oral cancer. For the thorough examination the necessary radiographs are taken (Intra oral periapical, panoramic and cephalometric). In most of the cases, the clinical and radiographic examination is adequate for a diagnosis to be made. Nevertheless, if necessary, a biopsy can be taken. In more complex cases, an opinion exchange among the dentists occurs during a group discussion over a difficult case.

It is our belief in our dental clinic that it is very important that the patient understands completely his/her dental condition. Only with this the patient can participate during the treatment and maintenance phase which will provide the best possible result in the long term. For these reasons, we dedicate as much time is needed as to explain the problem with a simple and comprehensive way to the patient. We answer the patients questions responsibly and set realistic objectives regarding the dental treatment, respectively following the prognosis of every tooth.

Our main concern is always the rescue of the teeth of our patients and the treatment with the best medical and aesthetic result. After the diagnosis and always in view of the patient’s wishes a treatment plan is designed from the specialized dentists that will participate in its execution.

Radiographs, in most cases, are necessary for the correct diagnosis and treatment of dental problems. Thus, according to the patient’s case in our dental clinic we take intraoral periapical, panoramic and cephalometric x-rays. Apart though from their usefulness patients inevitably are exposed to radiation. For this reason we try to take the less possible radiographs with the smallest portion of radiation. In this way, we adjust the amount of radiation according to the body type and the age of the patient in order for children to get exposed to the smallest possible dose of radiation. For additional protection patients wear a special apron or collar made of lead that absorb the radiation.

Lastly, for the best protection of the dentists, the employees and the patients, all radiographs are taken in a special room which is completely covered in lead.

Taking under consideration the financial conditions that prevail, our dental clinic tries to formulate more affordable treatments without negotiating though the high standards of provided services.

Patients have the option to pay with cash or credit card. The payoff with a credit card can be done in lump-sum or Non-interest equal installments in respect of the amount of money and the communication with the back office of the dental clinic.

Our dental clinic is on the central Street of Ag. Paraskevi, Agiou Ioannou 44-46 and is easily accessed by bus (Root B5, 11th Stop outside the dental clinic) and by metro (Nomismatokopio stop and Ag.Paraskevi Stop- 800 m. distance). A private parking on Agiou Ioannou is near also

The dental clinic is accessible for disabled people with special needs.

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